Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This weekend I attended my best friend's grandparents renewal of their vows. It's been 50 long wonderful years that they've been together and they thought that it would be best to renew their vows with their lovely friends and family. Saturday we arrived to their house where a surprise limo for them showed up. Their daughter(my best friend's Mother) had rented a limo for the big day! They were so surprised and their faces were too funny. We rode the limo to the church and on the way we took a bunch of photos. We got to the wedding where I got to be the photographer. I snapped lots of photos you'll see below. After the wedding, they had a little luncheon at their house where the bride received a beautiful gold heart necklace with 50 diamonds. BEAUTIFUL! It was lovely. The next day was their wedding party. It was held at a cute hall, with delicious food and dancing! I had loads of fun but the only downfall was me not having a dancing partner to the slow songs. :( All in all, I had a lovely weekend and I was so honored to be a part of such a beautiful thing. Leonard and Rose-Mary are such an inspiration and it gives me faith and hope of finding true love like theirs that will last forever.

The lovely couple, Leonard and Rose-Mary.

The bride just before stepping into the limo.

Limo ride...some of us were not ready for this picture...LOL

Enjoying champagne.

Their rings.

Her anniversary gift.

The beautiful, delicious cake!

Cutting the cake.

I'm a photographer! Woo

Was so not ready for this photo. LOL

With the bride and groom.

Kisses to the groom!

My best friend and I.

Here's me before the wedding party!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my lovely weekend. Thoughts and opinions would be lovely!

xoxo, Breanna.