Monday, November 8, 2010

Just a few new things

I went shopping over my four day weekend and bought a few things! :)

NARS lipstick in Barbarella
-For $24 dollars this lipstick didn't show up very well. Very peachy and light but maybe that's
how it's supposed to be?-

Don't mind my weird looking lips LOL

Makeup bag from Icing
-I needed a new makeup bag quick, so I picked up this cute bag. It was only priced at
$10.50 too. It's cute.-

Post the rest later


  1. Girl you are crazy to spend that much on a lipstick! That makeup bag is REALLY cute though, I need a new one for travel, mine is the pits!


  2. hey lovely blog!!
    i would be happy if you visit me


  3. This lip color is so pretty on you!